The main activity of Corporate Unit is to establish and strengthen the corporate governance system to improve management efficiency, maintain sound management and ensure management transparency. To achieve such corporate governance, Corporate Unit sets up the following organizations and control overall administration of the Company in CIS together with the support for the business activity of each Business Division. 

Corporate Unit consists of:

— Corporate Coordination & Financial Group;

     Corporate Coordination, Accounting, Tax and Treasury management

— Human resources & General affairs Group;

     Human Resources management, General Affairs management

— Risk management Group;

     Risk Control management

— Legal, IT and Logistics Group;

     Legal & Compliance, Information Technology, Logistics management

— Internal control;

     Internal audit management

Reasons of Company’s success on the market arise inside the Company. That’s why the main target of Corporate Unit is effective fulfilments of above functions leading to the harmony of employees and Company’s interests. Just these principles lead to our Company prosperity.

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